A Review of April

"Not since Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony
has a piece of musical work affected me
as much as Isla Roe's April."

   The Postman

June 28, 2017
By:  Nick S.

He has stood in the presence of terrifying evil and stunning grace.  Both of them are rare.  "Isla Roe is one of those extraordinary individuals who radiates elegance and charm."  Intriguing words from a hardened gentleman.  He was a passing stranger, and yet the kindness she extended to him, the gentle compassion in her eyes, made a lasting impression on him.  "I'm a different person after having that chance encounter with Isla", he says.  "Isla has a gift.  She pulls us all back from exile, back to a world almost lost.  Her benevolence stirred something in me, I again see the inherent goodness in everyone around me."

"Coming in from a cold Alberta clipper, I made a cup of warm tea and sat down to see what was crossing the wire.  Imagine my amazement at stumbling onto her Kickstarter campaign that one evening in late January", he said. "It must have been divine intervention; of course I contributed!"

What Isla doesn't know is her campaign to release her debut album could not fail.  The Postman monitored the progress daily, ready to make up the balance if it fell short. He didn't have to watch long. "If I recall correctly", he said, "her campaign met the target within three weeks".

The march toward her fans' long-awaited compilation began.

At the prompting of the Postman, I too contributed to the campaign, and I was rewarded with an early release of Isla's album, April. That album is a mainstay in my rather small collection of mostly classical music. It also occupies a prominent position in the Postman's collection, which is much more expansive than mine and ranges across nearly all genres.

In your author's sentiment, April is reminiscent of Pink Floyd's album The Final Cut.  Isla leads us on a heart-wrenching journey starting with the intro, Always Mine, right through to the final track, Charles River.  The artist escorts the listener through the unbearable pain of loss, weaving in touches of sensitivity along the way, in what can only be described as a remarkable display of talent.

Warning:  this album is not for the feint of heart.  I spin this CD almost daily and I still find myself drying tears.  You'll find, as the Postman and I do, her mesmerizing voice drawing you into the full experience of her memoir.  The intense emotions of the narrative coalesce with the sensation of being powerless to help this soul who is in utter anguish and despair, leaving you in the throes of sorrow, and yet, marvelling at the strength of spirit in this woman.

While the artist may have been on a journey of healing, what she has accomplished for her fans is a masterfully produced treatise on agony and tenderness.  If you want to know who Isla Roe is, buy this album and listen to it.

If you dare peer into yourself, listen to it again.

And again.

"Thank you Isla, for your wonderful gift to the world." 

And thank you Postman.

The Postman, Isla's fans, and I, eagerly await her next release.
Nick S. - for the Postman